Clara Aguilar (1992) is a Barcelona based composer and scenic artist. She studied music, journalism, humanities and gender studies. As a producer she moves from theater (since 2017 she is been involved in more than fifty projects), to dance (Marcos Morau, Marta Pazos, Lisi Estarás, Hotel Escènic), performance (Pussy Picnic) and cinema (Creatura by Elena Martín, Selftape by Joana & Mireia Vilapuig, Suro by Mikel Gurrea).

As a scenic artist she is a member of VVAA Collective, she has been involved in the plays Like Si Lloras (2017), Pool (No Water) (2017), This Is Real Love (2018) and Arcas 2020 (2021). Her sound design Pool (No Water) won the award for Best Sound Space 2018.

As CLARAGUILAR her album debut is Mystery is all (Amên Discos), an electronic music album drenched with brooding melodies, orchestral samplers and a bunch of synths that creates multi-melodies. In January 2022, she created Sounds of an imaginated Arca, an immersive concert about hybrids and new species within a post-apocalyptic world. In early 2024 her new album, Figura (Lapsus Records), premiered live at SONAR 23′.

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