Terra Rhapsody


Sound design and original music for Terra Rhapsody, a choreographic installation. Inspired by a science fiction imaginary the piece explores the image-concept of space garden through the physical investigation of weightlessness and gravity. The piece aims to deal with two main themes: the nostalgia of the Earth and the fascination with science and technology, reflecting on the possible consequences of moving away from our planet in future space explorations.
Choreography and direction:
Ester Guntín
Marina Capel, Mariona Capllonch, Martí Forcada, Héctor Puigdomènech, Julia Romero, Alberto Serrano
Choreography Assistant:
Héctor Puigdomènech
Direction Assistant:
Rita Molina i Vallicrosa
Technology design:
DOES WORK – Saúl Baeza
Light design:
Andreu Fàbregas
Sound design and composition:
Clara Aguilar
Costume design:
Marta Mas Soldevila
David Varhegyi
Pol Rebaque